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*All pricing per person*


Massage Pricing

1 Hr. Massage: $65.00

1 Hr. Massage/Sauna (2 hrs): $80.00

1 Hr. Massage/Hot Tub: (2 hrs): $80.00

1 Hr. Massage/Tub/Sauna (2 hrs.): $90.00


90 min. Massage: $90.00

90 min. Massage/Hot tub or Sauna: $105.00

90 min. Massage/Tub/ Sauna: $115.00



30 min.Massage: $40.00

30 min.Massage/Sauna or Hot tub (90 mins): $60.00

30 min. Massage/Sauna/Hot tub(90 min.): $65.00


Facility pricing without Body work Services

Prices per person

90 min. Sauna: $30.00

90 min. Hot tub/Sauna: $40.00



*****New Policy*****

Body lotions and moisturizers put undue stress on our hot tub filtration system.

We are now instituting the Japanese custom of having our guests shower in the sauna before entering the hot tub. Even if you don't think you're a sauna person, you might change your mind after trying ours. We can keep the temperature low if you don't want the full sauna experience.


We ask that you don't use our hot tub if you have any artificial tanning product on your skin. The product comes off in the water and totally gums up the filter requiring us to dump and refill the 425 gallons of water, a process which shuts down the tub for two days and disappoints many people (and irritates us). Moreover, your tan will be lost in streaky patches, not great looking.

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